Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Update

A few months have again passed and a ton has happened.  We had an amazing trip to Guatemala. It was incredible to be back and see so many friends I have not seen in 5 years. Our group did great and all loved Guatemala.
I am just going to leave you with a few videos from summer so far. All pictures from the last few months have been updated on Shutterfly.

Zoe and Deacon both love to dance.

Always a competition when there are Schnyders' around.
Zoe made many friends while in Guatemala. Here she is playing catch with a boy she just meant in the coolest of the volcanic baths.
And of course we have done a ton of swimming this summer. We are SO grateful for Scott and Christina always letting us take a jump in their pool. The kids have become more daring and better swimmers since May. Zoe loves going off the diving board(with life jacket) and does so often. Deacon has no fear and jumps in anywhere at any time. 

We are all doing well and loving the slower pace of summer! Only a couple weeks left and we will be back to the craziness that August and the beginning of the school year brings for us.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Zoe's birthday and Easter weekend.

We had an amazing Easter weekend with my family in Ohio. We missed Darci, Jess and Sierra greatly, but the weather was perfect and we made the most of it!
It started Thursday night with Zoe's 5th birthday party. Turns out this was the best Zoe would feel all weekend as she came down with the flu. Grandma was lucky enough to be up with her most of the night Thursday :/ Zoe and Deacon are obsessed with Frozen, she we had a frozen cake, enjoyed pizza and opened presents. Zoe received many cute clothes!

Zoe being sick was such a bummer, but she got some great cuddle time:)

Friday, Deidra and Isaiah came to school with me in the morning to get some observation hours. Friday afternoon we enjoyed an amazing bike ride on a local trail. Tony stayed home with Zoe as she was not up for much activity. Unfortunately, I was too busy biking and talking to get any pictures. The day was completed with a fire.

Saturday was a day full of sunshine and projects. The first was taking down a 45 ft tower that was on Scott and Christina's house but not used. It was quite the process, and a little scary it times, but the job got done.

Next was building a sand box. Scott and Christina's Christmas present to Deacon this year was a sandbox, so it was the perfect day to make it happen.  Everyone got in on the action. Deacon and Zoe LOVE the sand and Deacon actually cried when we left Sunday because he wanted to keep playing.

Saturday night ended with a wonderful meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant and another bon fire.
Sunday morning was breakfast at church and then an amazing Easter service. The rest of the day - literally the next 8 hours were spent outside at Scott and Christina's house with many friends from church. It was a gorgeous afternoon. Zoe even went for a short bike ride with Papa.

The weekend could not have been better and I wish we could just keep repeating it. Thanks Mom, Dad, Deidra and Isaiah for making the drive. And thanks to Scott and Tina for hosting us all for most of the weekend:)
A new April album is on Shutterfly with more pics.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

January and February: SNOW

With the lack of blogging, one would assume I have been too busy to write. Although it seems we are always on the run, I have actually had 8 unexpected days off of work in the last two month thanks so the incredible amount of snow and freezing temperature we have been experiencing. I have greatly enjoyed the extra days at home with the kids, but I am very much a person of routine, so this has been an interesting two months.
Dress up: Tony does not appreciate this picture, but I think it is hilarious.

Snow Day: game day

Nap time together in Mom and Dad's bed.

They love to walk around campus in the snow.

Using the lobby for extra play space.

A day warm enough to actually play in the snow:)
There are many new pictures on Shutterfly of January and February. 
We are very much looking forward to spring and warmer temps. Tony is in spring break this week, so he will be home with the kids all week. He goes to the Big Ten tournament in a couple weeks which he is very much looking forward to. He is also busy planning two trip to Guatemala, one with a group of Malone students in May for a service learning trip and a trip in June with our Youth group which we are very much looking forward to.
I am staying busy at school, I have an extra-curriculum activity every day after school for all of March and April. I am a Girls On The Run coach, I am doing math tutoring and I am helping the shot and disc throwers on the track team. This will be a very busy and challenging time, but also fun I am sure. I am also currently training for my first ever half marathon.... So far I have only ran 5 miles, but it is going well and I hope to run the full 13 miles on April 26.
Zoe is loving her new Montessori school. She says every day that she didn't learn anything, but then she will randomly use words or explain a concept we know she learned at school. Just last week she told us the difference between fiction and nonfiction, living and non-living things and evergreens and other trees. Her vocabulary is rapidly growing and we are so thrilled that she is excited about school and learning so much. Zoe is going to be participating in a youth soccer league this spring and she is excited about that. She will also be coming with us to Guatemala in June and she often ask questions about Guatemala or ask how to say something in Spanish. 
Deacon continues to grow and talk more and more. For awhile his favorite saying was "oh man" and we heard it often. Lately he loves counting, but it usually just consists of 2,5,8,9 over and over. He continues to enjoy going to Linda's house and playing cars and trucks with the other boys there. We have learned that Deacon is a very stubborn and sometimes aggressive little boy, so that has been fun ;/ That being said, he is also my little cuddler, which I always enjoy. Usually both kids play very well together, especially if they are dancing.
That's all for now. Hoping for warmer weather...SOON.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dance Recital

Zoe participated in dance class every Monday evening this fall. She had a total of 8 half-hour lessons. She really enjoys dance class and meeting new friends. This year's dance was a bit more simple than last year, which lead to more correct movements at the correct time:) She did a great job watching her teacher and we are very proud of her. 

(she is in the back row towards the left side)

Grandma Sheila was able to be here to watch the performance!

Zoe informed us after the recital that she is done with dance and would like to do soccer and volleyball next. We are very excited about those choices:) We are looking for places where she can experience these new interests in the spring!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Deacon Turns Two!

Deacon turned two on Nov. 7. I cannot believe he is two already, it feels like we were just bringing him home from the hospital. He has changed alot in the last couple months, mostly becoming more verbal, which has been really fun. Deacon likes all things football, basketball and Thomas the train. So Zoe and I decided we should have a Thomas birthday party. Zoe and I had a great time planning it, thanks so pinterest and I think Deacon enjoyed it, at least until we started singing to him as you will see in the video.

The invitation.
The decor
We are all ready for the guest to arrive! (which of course was about 12 adults and only three other children)

I am not sure what it was that was so frightening. Maybe the volume of the singing or the fire of the candle?
 Most of the gifts he received were Thomas!

 He and Zoe have already spent hours with the many Thomas items :)
This face is the "choo choo" sound.

 We also made cupcakes for him to share at Linda's.
He obviously didn't mind the singing at Linda's.
Deacon is constantly making us laugh. He is a fearless and rambunctious little boy, but also such a sweety who loves to sqeez and kiss. Zoe and Deacon are best friends and we love watching them grow up together.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Swimming in September.

Scott and Christina's new house came with a lovely pool. Unfortunately it was not in the best of conditions when they purchased the house. In the last couple weeks the pool has been in swimming condition, so although the temps were not ideal for swimming, we have enjoyed the cold water a couple times. Zoe and Deacon love it and we can't wait to spend many hours in the pool next summer!
 Scott's first ever jump in the pool!
Tony's first jump

Christina's first jump.

Deacon's first fall off the board. I don't think you can really call that a jump.
Zoe's first jump. She has since jumped many more times and is getting more and more daring.